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Fat Daddy Special rose from the depth and passion of Vox/ Axe Phil Maldonado. A powerful mesh of musical styles and taste define him as an instrumental part of the FDS sound. His base is rock n roll but his soul demands the blues. Creating an honest cadre of songs that truly define Rockin Blues…

On the bottom end there is Chief Lee-Bryan on bass. Chief joined FDS in late 2016. In his own words he found himself in a perfect project. Coming from 80’s rock band Charlemagne to soul artist like Solomon Burke. Having the mix of rock and blues was a perfect mix and a dream come true.

Laying down the boom in this incredible ensemble comes the thunder of Drummer Mat Diaz. Mat has been layin down the groove for decades, and is the is a huge part of the vocal attack & final magical piece to the FDS rhythm section.

Fat Daddy Special is a band that plays from the heart, bringing in emotion and power that is intoxicating. Having the pleasure of sharing the stage with some of their favorite bands like, Blue Oyster Cult, Mr. Big, Y&T, The Tubes, Foghat, and Jack Russell’s Great White, Dokken, Warrant and Vince Neil of Motley Crue.

FDS is proud to deliver their second album release "The Whiskey Chronicles" the follow up to the first release in 2018 "Somewhere Down The Road".

Released to the Rock genre on June 20th 2019.
FDS is intent on bringing their Rockin Blues music to new heights across the world.

Band Line-Up:
Phil Maldonado – vocals/guitar
Mat Diaz - drums
Chief Lee Bryan - bass


FDS is currently supporting the new album

The Whiskey Chronicles

it is in stores now and can be found on iTunes,Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, Cdbaby , Apple music, Soundcloud and many more.